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What can Greg Comen Coaching do for you?

I will build you a custom, flowing Training Plan.  it includes unlimited communication and Plan adjustments to help you achieve your goals.  GCC is not just for racers, providing services to all abilities.  You will produce more Power and Speed under my guidance if that is your goal.  I also specialize in making cyclists more safe and confident on the road using Personal Coaching.

Personal Coaching - My Personal Coaching Blocks are incredibly effective. One on one coaching provides real time instruction and immediate feedback.  They are tailored to your individual needs and get right to the point.  You will improve instantly.  I will work within your availability and provide convenient meeting locations.

Training Plans - A well thought out custom Training Plan should constantly ebb and flow, not just be something fixed. As you make gains the plan needs to grow with you.  Sure, assumptions can be made in the beginning but that's almost impossible to predict.  Then, there are the unknown factors, you know, life.  We miss workouts, get sick, injured, travel, etc.  A coach shines when circumstances change.  This is where customization and communication are key, keeping you on track to achieve your goals.


Road Position - by Greg Comen 

     Spring has officially arrived here in the Northeast.  Roads are being swept, temps are rising, birds are singing, and our desire to ride outdoors grows.  As you get back on the road I want you to keep one thing on the top of your mind, Proper Road Position.  Riding in the correct spot can make you more safe, help you avoid accidents, road debris, and even make you more efficient!  

     The CT General State Statute Sec. 14-232 states that the driver of a vehicle overtaking a person riding a bicycle shall give a "safe distance" of no less than 3 feet.  So, Proper Road Position can also keep you within your legal rights.

This 3 feet is the perfect space to operate.  First, you must always be aware of your surroundings using ears and eyes. Riding with ear buds greatly increases the chances of having an accident.  There is incredible tech these days such as the Garmin Varia to alert you when vehicles are approaching from behind.  

     When you are riding and no vehicles are approaching from behind ride 3 feet from the curb(end of pavement).  This is a perfect spot for vision, to avoid runners/walking, and to maneuver around road hazards.  Most of all it allows people to see you!  As you recognize a vehicle is approaching from behind, when still at a safe distance, turn your head back so the the driver knows you are aware of them. Then, move 2 feet to the right. Now you have created a safe, kind situation. There is still a foot to the curb which is enough to avoid dangers.  Also, you just moved over 2 feet for the passing vehicle which is greatly appreciated.  Using this method has gotten me more room, and more respect from vehicles in almost every situation.  Using this method will make all cyclists more safe out there!

     Thank you for reading


Base Building with GCC

     Winter in New England brings the inevitable cold, rain, and snow.  This year in particular has been excessively wet and cloudy.  Most of us move indoors to our Magnetic, Fluid, Electronic, Trainers and rollers.  Although, I always recommend getting out on the road when possible, nature touches much more than our physical being.  However you keep the legs active during the Winter months, keep in mind the correct training effort you should be making right now.  Unless you have an early season goal in mind, most of us do the bulk of our cycling during the summer and fall season's in the Northeast.

     Therefore, the next 6-12 weeks your efforts should be at a steady, easy pace.  This is Base Building.  Low intensity, higher volume rides.  The goal is to grow your aerobic base, improve endurance, and prep the body for more intense riding to come.  Once you lay the foundation, building on it will come easier, with less chance of injury.

     A well thought out, custom, dynamic Training Plan can make all the difference.  Reach out if I can help!


Spring 2024

     Get a head start on 2024 cycling now!  A well thought out, guided training plan starting in Winter, into early Spring, is how you can ensure 2024 is your best season ever.  Greg Comen Coaching is waiving set up fees now through Spring.

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