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Monthly Training Plans

At $240/month most online training plans limit an athletes potential by keeping communication and adjustments to a minimum.  I encourage both, communicating and adjusting for life's changes keeps you on the path to success.  After an intensive interview , considering your lifestyle, strengths, weaknesses, background and goals, I will build you a Training Plan from scratch. 

A well thought out custom Training Plan should constantly ebb and flow, not just be something fixed. As you make gains the plan needs to grow with you.  Sure, assumptions can be made in the beginning but that's almost impossible to predict.  Then, there are the unknown factors, you know, life.  We miss workouts, get sick, injured, travel, etc.  A coach shines when circumstances change.  This is where customization and communication are key, keeping you on track to achieve your goals.

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Month to Month Training Plan

Custom Training Plan.
Unlimited Communication.
Weekly Coach Analysis.
Regular adjustments as needed.
Training Plans based on Power, Heart Rate, Cadence, Percieved Exertion.
Training Peaks Software, Email, Text to deliver and analyze workouts.

3 Month Commitment

Same features plus one of the following add ons.....

2 Free Personal Coaching Blocks ($130 value)


2 Free Weeks Training Plan 

($120 value)

6 Month Commitment

Same features plus one of the following add ons.....

4 Free Personal Coaching Blocks

($260 value)


4 Free Weeks Training Plan

($240 value)

Training Plans: Classes

*Monthly price does not include $180 set up fee which includes Intensive Interview, Plan Build, and Plan Presentation.

Training Plans: Text
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