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Personal Coaching Blocks & Group Training

My Personal Coaching Blocks are incredibly effective. One on one coaching provides real time instruction and immediate feedback.  They are tailored to your individual needs and get right to the point.  You will improve instantly.  I will work within your availability and provide convenient meeting locations.


Personal Coaching Blocks

Personal Training, one on one custom instruction. 

I offer 4, 8 or 12 hour Blocks.  We start with an interview that determines how to best spend our time together.  

4, 8 or 12 hours of Personal Training.

One or two riders.

Contact me for a free phone consultation.


Single Rider Blocks*

4 Hours @ $65/hour

8 Hours @ $60/hour

12 Hours @ $55/hour

Two Rider Blocks**

4 Hours @ $100/hour

8 Hours @ $95/hour

12 Hours @ $90/hour


Group Training - New for 2024!

Round up your Group Ride friends, Race Team, Family, anyone!  Group Training is a great way to get Professional Coaching with minimal commitment and cost.  I will put together a Private Training Ride with any cycling skill you desire.  

$20 per cyclist, 5 cyclist or $100 minimum per hour.

Personal Coaching Blocks, Group: Classes

*Price does not include $120 set up fee which includes Interview and Plan Build.

**Price does not include $160 set up fee which includes Interview and Plan Build.

Personal Coaching Blocks, Group: Text
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